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I mean, don’t hold your breath, cos I’m literally making this sh*t up as I go along but in the fullness of time I hope to make more designs and even sell special edition neon screen prints of all my t-shirts. Sign up for email updates and I promise you’ll get first dibs.

T-shirts for those days you wish to ROAR your truth & let your inner lion prowl with pride.

It started when I realised that I just needed to say ‘YES’ more in my life and wanted to openly declare it to the world by making myself a simple t-shirt that said as much.

I then started noticing that all my friends and coaching clients had a word or phrase that they would roar in their own moments of truth when provoked…

‘HELL YEAH’ exclaimed Ben!

‘BRING IT ON’ Becky growled from the depths of her soul! 

‘LET’S DO THIS’ muttered Simon under his breath.

LET’S DANCE’ Edwin grinned ear to ear.

‘F**K IT’ barked Jamie!

I’m ‘TOTALLY WINGING IT’ Venetia howled in pure relief and joy!  

Each of these simple statements a bold declaration in their own right. Funny in some ways but deadly serious others. This is ME. This is MY truth. This is MY ‘lion’s roar’.

And so it became a thing…

Own your truth.

T-shirts for those days you wish to ROAR your truth & let your inner lion prowl with pride.

Each ‘design’ my own hand painted artwork, digitally scanned and each t-shirt made to order on demand. Even the name, logo and strapline all came from moments of inspiration. No agonising. No overthinking. Just simple, authentic expressions of my original idea.

I even came to realise that I’d already intuited the name via a podcast I’d recorded the previous year in response to a good friend’s rallying call a month prior to his death. OOFT.

(I hear you Nick, I’m here, I’m listening and I’m doing it).


Ryan James
Lion King, Coach & Creator

P.s. Making and selling t-shirts is not my main gig. Professionally I help small business owners embrace their inner F**K IT and do more of the things they really want to do. You can find out more here:

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